Sunil SFS Automotive Parts(Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is a foreign owned joint venture, with Sunil Dyfas Corporation(Korea) and SFS Holding AG(Switzerland) its shareholders.

The scope of business of the Company is development, tool making, manufacturing, sale and distribution of precision cold-formed parts and fasteners for automotive industries.

Our products are focused on engine, wheel and hub, transmission system, braking system, OSS and selected chassis applications for automobile.

The purposes of the Company are to use advanced and suitable technology to develop and manufacture fasteners for automotive and other products; to upgrade the technology and improve the quality of the Company’s products and business; and to achieve good economic results and satisfactory returns on investment for all the relevant parties.

With excellent products and technology, as well as competitive price and service of high quality, Sunil SFS Automotive Parts(Tianjin) Co., Ltd. will continue to satisfy customers’ requirements.